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Fore Street & Keast Mews Shops - What do Saltash shoppers really want?
Traders hear a lot of comments about improving the town but what do the shoppers really want in the town? Where would you buy your groceries from - do you want to see more independent businesses or are you attracted to the national chains? It's your town, have your say and let it be heard by the people who can make a difference.
Sat 13/09/14 05:16 PM
Kids clothes, modern young peoples fashions, no more pasty or charity shops!Posted on Tue 16/09/14 03:39 PM
It is the mix of National/independent retailers that is the lifeblood of the town.Unfortunately,to date,it has not been possible to provide a unit large enough to fulfil the requirements for a childrenswear/young fashion retailerPosted on Wed 17/09/14 04:35 PM
What about the space left empty by Brunel? Would a New Look or Peacocks be interested or is it too small? Posted on Sat 20/09/14 10:08 AM
I know a few businesses have contacted various nationals about spaces in Saltash. Interestingly enough I see the old Rain Hair on Lower Fore Street is opening soon with modern ladies fashions, accessories etc with a very unique, quirky twist. Posted on Tue 23/09/14 06:42 PM
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TOPIC: Fore Street & Keast Mews Shops - What do Saltash shoppers really want?
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