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It is estimated,and no doubt will cost more,that this new rail link-London to the North-will cost 50billion and bring untold benefits thereto.Has any work been done to look at the detrimental costs to other regions of the country?Would the spending of a similar amount on various schemes spread throughout the country bring,in total similar financial benefits
Sun 22/09/13 06:41 PM
At long last,as reported in recent press,the government has admitted that there is a negative financial implication to the regions not being connected by HS2.Is it not time that the Chamber makes representations to try and safeguard against the negative impact?Posted on Tue 22/10/13 08:26 PM
You keep it up now, unnsdetard? Really good to know.Posted on Sun 31/08/14 01:16 PM
Everything always benefits the North, we get forgotten in the South West.Posted on Sun 28/09/14 09:21 AM
must lobby for more trains at SaltashPosted on Mon 29/09/14 02:21 PM
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