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CelticCross in saltash
What a waste of money when we hear that the parks in saltash are being neglected ! Surely the lottery funding would have been better spent renovating these ammenities so the children of Saltash have somewhere safe to play ?
Tue 12/03/13 04:34 PM
Gateshead started to develop its own identity[i.e.not just part of Newcastle]when the Angel of The North was erected and perhaps the cross will do the same for Saltash i.e. not being thought of as a suburb of Plymouth[which,of course,it isnt].If it generates the visitor numbers envisaged then this will benefit the economy of the town and hence fund the amenities therein. Posted on Thu 21/03/13 01:29 PM
Saltash has always had its own identity but will always be a feeder town for Plymouth just the same as Plympton & Plymstock,you cant compare it to Gateshead. The rusting Angel of the north is outside Gateshead on a hill with ample parking for coaches and cars unlike this poor effort that we now have at Cornwalls gateway town. There are no toilets nor parking spaces at the cross. On crossing the bridge this green item is easily overlooked,how will it bring in people/revenue when they have already driven past it on there way to a Cornish holiday ? And if they do stop I belive it will a one off bringing minimal revenues to the town.Also any extra revenues that are brought to saltash will NOT be put back into Saltash,instead they will be swallowed up by cornwall Council.I strongly belive that this is a waste of nearly half a million pounds that could have been put to much better use. The only people that benefit from this cross are the local residents & mr.ellison who spearheaded the prodject,they can view the thing 24/7.Sorry this is a waste of money. Posted on Thu 25/04/13 11:53 PM
Where is the promotion of the cross?With celebrities doing the unveiling surely this should have been covered nationally.Where is the signage to direct visitors to car parks in the town so that they can go and look at the cross at close proximity?To date,despite 30/40 crossings of the bridge,I have seen nobody on site viewing the cross.Posted on Wed 12/06/13 04:09 PM
How many months has the cross been up and yet still no signage to direct the thousands of tourists who have passed through saltash to a car park from where they can walk to see the cross at close quarters.What is the point of having a tourist attraction if no effort is made to promote it to tourists.So 500000 has been spent and yet no benefit gained by the residents or traders in Saltash.Posted on Sun 22/09/13 04:42 PM
One year on ... Still no crowds of tourists. Posted on Sun 14/09/14 12:06 AM
I got hopeful today when I saw movement by the Cross but it was just a seagull ...Posted on Tue 30/09/14 08:07 PM
The Cross isn't marketed enough. People just drive past thinking "oh look, a giant cross". Is there a tourist leaflet produced for attractions like this, the Museum, Mary Newman's Cottage, Elliott's and Ann Glanville etc that can be sent to hotels in Torbay, South Cornwall, Exeter etc to show potential visitors what we have on offer from a tourist point of view? If not how do we get one organised? Posted on Sun 05/10/14 01:44 PM
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TOPIC: CelticCross in saltash
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