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Town Centre Identity
Should Saltash create a theme or marketting strategy for the town centre?Should we create a brand that can we used to promote the town centre not only to the local community but also to the wider catchment.We have a strong and varied trade town centre,why not promote it.SHOP SALTASH
Tue 03/07/12 02:04 PM
Saltash provides a strong and varied retail offering with many trades e.g.Jewellers,Bookshop,Sportshop not nowadays often seen in town centres and the promotion of this to a wider catchment would be beneficial.Posted on Thu 05/07/12 10:37 AM
Why not get a park and ride going from Waitrose as there is a large catchment area for both Waitrose and B&M. Saltash should take advantage of this.Posted on Sat 15/03/14 06:00 PM
Shop Saltash or Love Saltash branding would be fantastic. Saltash has so much to offer, a brand would encapsulate that and be very useful if all retailers used it as a hashtag on social media and incorporated the branding on their websites too. Posted on Tue 13/05/14 02:55 PM
Did anything ever happen with the branding concept?Posted on Mon 06/10/14 09:36 AM
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TOPIC: Town Centre Identity
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