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Plymouth Airport
Is Plymouth airport relevant to the economy of saltash and should the chamber support those trying to retain it"s use as an airport?
Sat 24/12/11 05:28 PM
Plymouth airport is vital to the economic growth of the area as is the potential for a 3 hour rail connection to London.We are the largest city in the country without a motorway connection let us hope we dont lose our airport connection with the rest of the country. The Chamber should support those trying to ensure the airport re-opensPosted on Wed 21/03/12 10:16 PM
I simply can't believe that both Plymouth and Saltash can survive in the modern age without a viable airport and appropriate links to the rest of the country, let alone other countries. However, it would appear that the South West is quite happy to be completely cut off and will deal with the subsequent loss of trade in due course.Posted on Thu 29/03/12 03:16 PM
Re the inquiry about the Plymouth Airport being relevant to Saltash. Of course it is !. Without Plymouth Airport ( with its land grabbed by a bunch of aliens who have managed to trash Plymouth's history-rich working harbour to turn it into an aquatic 'car'-park crammed with yachts which hardly ever set sail but are used as houseboats by the UK's Canary Wharf elite, the whole TRUE South West region has been effectively put into isolation from the rest of the World, which can only be assessed through the 'delights' of a very scruffy, highly expensive,and most user-unfriendly capital in the World ! Cornwall should go for Independence, and claim Plymouth too, since it was part of the old Cornish Kingdom. Plymouth would fare better under Celtic rule, and an association of the Celtic peoples (Welsh, Irish, Scots ,Basques, Bretons and Cornish people welcome ! ). Since my birthday is the 5th of March ( St Piran's day) and my father's family were from Wexford, so I promote that concept. But, lightness of spirit aside, the Airport issue is serious indeed. And it needs to be restored as a matter of regional security . Posted on Wed 02/05/12 01:37 PM
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Forget the airport. Concentrate on upgrading the A38 and improving Saltash's direct train service to London. You can get more people on 1 London train than a days worth of flights out of Plymouth airport.Posted on Thu 13/12/12 07:59 PM
An airport makes very little difference to SALTASH. It is just over 3 hours direct by train to London from SALTASH. No travel to/from airport, no checkin, more comfortable.Posted on Tue 22/01/13 11:16 PM
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