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Fuel Price in Saltash
What a joke do this people in Saltash just make it up as they go along. Come on Saltash show some backbone and boycott these greedy people take you business elsewhere . We deserve better than this And just for a change C OUNTY COUNCILORS lets have a bit of support from you
Wed 11/05/11 05:14 PM
I already boycott both service stations in Saltash. There is a perfectly good station either at Trerulefoot (137p) or St Budeaux (134p) I agree, if you buy your motor fuel in Saltash then you are barking. Don't see what the council can do. Prices are set by supply & demand. As long as there are people buying the stuff at that price then the owners can (and clearly do) continue setting ridiculously high prices. Best we leave them well alonePosted on Wed 25/05/11 07:48 PM
I thought we were being overcharged but ,having recently travelled the whole length of the country,there are equally high prices elsewhere.But the majority of petrol stations are cheaper ,even in rural locations.Come on saltash let us find a way to get our petrol cheaper.Posted on Wed 21/03/12 10:24 PM
I would like to know why both garages always price match. They do not compete!Posted on Wed 31/07/13 12:40 PM
Saltash residents pay the highest price for fuel in the area recent visit to St Austel diesel on average £133.9 a litre compared with£140.9AT AT Saltash is the fuel in Saltash better or is it like for like Posted on Fri 14/02/14 03:24 PM
WOW,the price of petrol in Saltash is now the cheapest in the area and long may it be so.After years of moaning,have the petrol companies realised that Saltash people were paying well over the odds for fuel in comparison with Plymouth.On Monday,the cost of Diesel was 131.9 at Carkeel,cheapest seen in Plymouth was 135.9,a saving of 4p a litre and with the Saltash card there would be an additional saving of 2p a litre.WELL DONE PETROL COMPANIESPosted on Tue 04/03/14 09:51 AM
You can buy a Saltash Card in the Bookshelf in Fore Street - but if you pop into the Community Market and join Community Enterprises PL12 (a local volunteering organisation), it's FREE!Posted on Thu 26/06/14 10:55 AM
Well these are old posts but the fuel price is still high and changes by the hour. I went past at 7pm the other night it was 109.9 at 11pm it was 113.9.. Were the tanks filled up and was there a price rise? No they just put a price up and hope you will buy.. Boycott them I sayPosted on Mon 20/06/16 12:17 PM
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TOPIC: Fuel Price in Saltash
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