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Yellow lines Fore street
Is it not time that the yellow lines were repainted so that parking restrictions could be enforced thereby stopping cars being parked for many hours and hence reducing space for shoppers
Mon 20/12/10 10:07 AM
I have heard that the yellow lines will be painted in the next couple of months.This is to be welcomed if they are then monitored.However,should the opportunity be taken to review the whole parking regime with,perhaps,half hour parking in Fore per Liskeard,but with 2 hours discounted parking in the car parks rather than the present 1 hour.Posted on Thu 17/03/11 08:15 PM
It is now 5 months since it was thought that the lines would be painted in a couple of months and now the council are out for consultation on amendments to the parking regime with larger/relocated bus bays and less parking/loading area in Fore st.but I do not hear many traders moaning/commenting.Is it not essential that the coucillors get it right or have they.It will be no good in moaning afterwards.Posted on Sat 27/08/11 08:47 PM
Still no repainting of the yellow lines and cars are being left all day in Fore St.When will Cornwall council help the people of Saltash so that there is a regular turnover of cars and hence shoppers and when will shop proprietors realise that leaving their car in the street allday means that potentially 12 customers have a difficulty paking[based on an average stay of 45minutes in a 8 hour day]Posted on Wed 21/03/12 10:43 PM
At long last the lines have been repainted BUT why have we lost spaces.Retailers need every space to maximise customer potential and although the loss of spaces is only 4 it does mean that 48 customers per day do not have a space i.e.average stay 40minutes over an 8 hour day Posted on Wed 29/08/12 08:35 PM
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TOPIC: Yellow lines Fore street
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