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Employment Land
In order to retain people in Saltash there has to be employment for them.We have already lost some manufacturers/warehousing due to no land for larger premises.Should the concil consider bringing land forward on the outskirts of saltash for such purposes.
Mon 20/12/10 10:07 AM
Whilst saltash,I understand has a low unemployment level,much of the employment is in Plymouth.This necessitates journeys across the Tamar Bridge and,of course,whilst in Plymouth residents are doing their shopping.Trade is lost to saltash.If more employment land was brought forward in Saltash then opportunities could be created.Posted on Tue 21/12/10 04:21 PM
This item was posted 15 months ago--has there been any new employers move to saltash in that time?NO,because there is not the land available to give choice.Should the chamber be lobbying for land allocation for employment uses to be progressed faster.Posted on Thu 22/03/12 02:01 PM
I would love to have a job in Saltash and walk to work after the nightmare of a journey I have to make especially during winter, of which twice I never reached work. I don't even care what the job is but it seems I'm either under qualified/over qualified or don't have the right certificates to get the ones that are available. Setting up my own business could be another option but I don't have the money or the experience to start one :( Posted on Sun 27/05/12 12:13 PM
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TOPIC: Employment Land
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