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Local Enterprise Partnership [LEP]
Cornwall has been offered the opportunity to set up a LEP which is seen as the replacement for SWRDA.Should the business sector have a strong voice on the LEP or should Cornwall Council take control thereby creating a local quango.
Mon 20/12/10 10:07 AM
The whole idea for an LEP is that the private sector has a bigger say in how government are distributed.If the public sector still has the whip hand then there would appear to be no change.However we must also ensure that SE Cornwall gets it fair share of any monies and it is not concentrated in the west of the county.Posted on Tue 21/12/10 04:09 PM
The LEP Chairman earlier this year gave a presetation in Saltash.It seems they are pursuing bigger issues such as the speeding up of the rail service to/from London and ensuring that Newquay Airport becomes a aero industry hub.These are good for the county as a whole but do little for our end of the county.should the chamber be putting forward proposals to enhance Saltash--What about Burraton FarmPosted on Thu 22/03/12 02:09 PM
It is now 2 years since the LEP was created--Has anybody seen any benefit to this end of the county?Once again a Trurocentric Quango.Posted on Sun 22/09/13 04:51 PM
Please update your spam filtersPosted on Mon 13/07/20 08:10 PM
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TOPIC: Local Enterprise Partnership [LEP]
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