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Saltash fuel prices
Once again the good people of Saltash are being ripped off by the local petrol retailers . Having been involved the last time with media interviews is it not time for the chamber and the people of Saltash to boycott these companies and conduct another media campaign to highlight the problems that the resident population and the visting public face at the Gateway to Cornwall
Wed 07/04/10 06:17 PM
Boycotting is surely the answer.It is worth travelling to plymouth to buy petrol.The saving can be 7p a litre.Even with the increased tag on the bridge,the saving on say 50 litres gives a net benefit of 2 allowing for the extra mileage to the petrol station.But it is not only the petrol price that is high in saltash.The Texaco garage recently charged 86p for a duo mars bar,same item at Jet station at Hartley Plymouth was 68p--a 26% difference.Posted on Mon 12/04/10 02:38 PM
I am somewhat surprised to see only one reply to this issue .I can only assume that the people of Saltash dont care Although It is of importantance to bring trade into Saltash high prices put people off a vist and with such high prices the disposable income of those stuck here is erroded My business fuel bill is around 600.00 per month non of which is spent in Saltash along with the sundries that would have been bought in the town .It does worry me that my home town does not get any support from me and mine but there is a point when enough is enough . I would like to hear from the town council and the invisable county councilors as to their views and plans to help the people of the town but something tells me not to hold my breath and just keep on paying untill the next council elections .Posted on Tue 20/04/10 12:54 PM
So ,according to the recent evening herald article, we can save 2p per litre with a saltash card.However,on the day of the aticle,BP at Carkeel were charging 141.9p for unleaded and several stations in Plymouth were charging 129.9p.This means that the people of saltash are still paying 10p per litre more.Even some small rural stations are only charging 135.9p. The initiative of the saltash card must be congratulated but more must be done to reduce the price.Posted on Thu 10/03/11 01:50 PM
This topic was posted 2 years ago and still the people of saltash are paying over the top for fuel.At an average of 50 litres a week with an average margin of 7p a litre,this has cost each car owner 3.50 a week or 350 since this item was 1st posted.What can the Chamber do to help get the price down?Posted on Thu 22/03/12 03:16 PM
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TOPIC: Saltash fuel prices
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