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Should the Chamber sponsor a Business Improved District?
Should the Chamber sponsor a Business Improved District and seek to use the money to enhance Fore Street?
Sun 14/02/10 01:16 PM
The Business Improvement District [BID]has woked well in other parts of the country including the city centre of Plymouth.Unfortunately it results in paying higher rates but the money is used to improve the environment of the area and the retailers get a return by generating more business or halting a decline.There are a lot of articles on the subject on the internet.It would seem to benefit retailers and I believe is wothy of cosideration.Posted on Mon 15/02/10 08:51 PM
I am a little concerned that the amount raised in Fore Street would not be of any great benefit as we are lacking in major large (shop floor wise) retailers. The amounts neded to be collected from local traders would seem to be too high in this economic climate- it might be worth considering if the CIC's regeneration projects come to anything and improve the standard of shopping, and hence increased footfall and spend in Fore Street.Posted on Sun 21/02/10 09:05 PM
The BID money could be used in conjunction with other funding streams and perhaps match funding.In order to make a proposal for a BID we would have to have specific ideas in mind.The ideas could come from the options being considered by Saltash Gateway CiC.There are 90 units approx in the town centre.If each contributed 10 per week this could raise a total of 45000.If it were possible to obtain match funding and some additional funding we could be talking of 100000+ we are then looking at money that can have some meaningful benefit Posted on Thu 25/02/10 01:31 PM
This does not appear to be being progressed but never mind because the Saltash town Improvement group [STIG] are pursuing other initiatives with the benefit of S106 monies.Hopefully this will result in the improvements that the BID would have achieved without the need for monies from the retailers who are operating on tight margins. The chamber is represented on STIG and tries to ensure that only effective proposals are brought forward but we need to hear what the traders in the town want.Posted on Thu 22/03/12 03:25 PM
NoPosted on Sat 10/11/12 09:37 PM
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TOPIC: Should the Chamber sponsor a Business Improved District?
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