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The Saltash Town Bus Service
Should the town bus stops be converted to parking bays with new bus stops outside the town centre? Should there be a summer bus link between the Waterside and the town centre?
Sun 14/02/10 01:14 PM
Buses are the main cause of traffic problems in Fore street.We now have more buses in the town and they are full size thereby causing congestion when their tails are hanging out into Fore st.The council are considering extending the bus bays into adjacent parking bays thereby reducing the number of cars that can park in Fore st.Would it be detrimental to relocate the bus stops to the edge of the town centre and then use the bus bays for more car parking.Posted on Mon 15/02/10 09:00 PM
There were 6 buses/coaches in Fore st the other day--what chaos!!! But even if the bays were slightly larger,only one at a time could get into each.With the number of people getting on/off them,they are an essential element for town centre trade but a solution to the traffic problems they create has to be achieved because car drivers are getting frustrated.We need a radical solution to this problem.Has anyboby any ideas?Posted on Thu 22/03/12 03:33 PM
PLEEEASE dont extend the bus bays any further, I agree with the previous commenter only one can fit in the bay at any time so larger bays will not help. I don't see it as a problem if the stops were relocated, do we really need stops at the top AND bottom of Fore street?Posted on Sat 13/09/14 08:12 PM
Did anything ever get off the ground with the summer bus link? Posted on Tue 16/09/14 07:33 PM
Is there any possibility the Hopper bus could be used to do village runs?Posted on Tue 30/09/14 08:21 PM
I have just heard that the Saltash hopper is being used to take people to other towns on day trips - how is this okay?Posted on Thu 26/03/15 12:19 PM
The Hopper was hired by an organisation in Saltash to do the trip.It was not instigated by the CIC/Hopper but merely provided a service to a community organisation.Posted on Sat 28/03/15 08:09 PM
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TOPIC: The Saltash Town Bus Service
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